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21 Billion

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Skyrocket is a limitless digital currency which aims to revolutionize the gaming industry. It is a wonderful store of value and offers a fast and secure way for P2P transactions without a middle-man.


Airdrop Rewards

Skyrocket Token has an Airdrop Rewards Program which is offered to long-term holders exclusively. Just hold SRT in your favorite ERC-20 token wallet (eg MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, etc) and you will be gifted airdrop rewards after a certain period of time.


The Skyrocket DApp will be an excellent solution for issues prevalent in the gaming industry. It will improve speed, security and costs of transactions for game developers and offers a decentralized platform to publish, incentivize and sell gaming items without fraction.


The Skyrocket platform will be used for publishing games. One in-house production game by Skyrocket will be “Coins Crush”, a fun game based on the mobile hit game “Candy Crush”. It will give players the opportunity to earn SRT.

Furthermore the Skyrocket platform will give developers the opportunity to publish their own games and use SRT for in-game item purchases or reward payments.


Skyrocket provides the highest level of security by using distributed ledgers for managing transactions and in-game payments.

Public Sale

We have introduced an automatic trustless selfdrop to raise funds. Funding is needed to have enough capital to finance the project development and listings on bigger exchanges. Just send some ETH to the contract address and you will receive SRT tokens automatically and immediately.

Selfdrop details:
1) Set gas limit to 200,000
2) Send ETH to following contract address:


3) Receive SRT depending on the sent ETH amount immediately

  • If you send 0.001 Ether, you will receive 5,000 SRT Tokens
  • If you send 0.005 Ether, you will receive 25,000 SRT Tokens
  • If you send 0.01 Ether, you will receive 55,000 SRT Tokens (10% bonus!)
  • If you send 0.1 Ether, you will receive 600,000 SRT Tokens (20% bonus!!)
  • If you send 1 Ether, you will receive 7,500,000 SRT Tokens (50% bonus!!!)

Softcap: 100 ETH

Hardcap: 11,200 ETH

ETH amount = SRT Tokens

0.001: 5,000
0.002: 10,000
0.003: 15,000
0.004: 20,000
0.005: 25,000
0.006: 30,000
0.007: 35,000
0.008: 40,000
0.009: 45,000

0.01: 55,000
0.02: 110,000
0.03: 165,000
0.04: 220,000
0.05: 275,000
0.06: 330,000
0.07: 385,000
0.08: 440,000
0.09: 495,000

0.1: 600,000
0.2: 1,200,000
0.3: 1,800,000
0.4: 2,400,000
0.5: 3,000,000
0.6: 3,600,000
0.7: 4,200,000
0.8: 4,800,000
0.9: 5,400,000
1.0: 7,500,000


Skyrocket DApp

Stake and earn SRT in our dapp


40% Funding & development

20% Community

15% Team

10% Marketing

5% Exchange listings

5% Advisors/ ambassadors/ staff

5% Reserve

Total Supply







Smart Contracts


Token Name: Skyrocket Token

Token Ticker: SRT

Token Network: ETH (ERC-20)

Gaming: Yes

For Payments: Yes

Community Driven: Yes

Useful Asset

How to Earn SRT?

There are several ways to earn SRT! As we are a community driven project, we encourage people to play our platforrm games, join our bounties, faucets and airdrops! Otherwise you can also just buy the tokens on an exchange and hold them in your ERC20 wallet to claim staking rewards!


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